2015 Season

This year, FIRST™ Robotics challenged all teams to build a robot that could compete in a game called “Recycle Rush.” The object of the game was to stack recycling totes on platforms. The more totes on the stack, the higher points a team would get. There were also recycling bins that you can stack on the top of totes for more points. The last game piece was called “litter” which was a green pool noodle. If you put a pool noodle in a bin, you could get more points as well. At competitions, we would be randomly placed with two other teams to face the opposing alliance of three other teams. Each game is around 2 minutes long and the alliances were switched around each time. This challenge was given to all the FIRST™ teams on January 3, 2015. All teams were given 6 weeks to finish building.

Entry during 3rd week of build season:
Our team has been doing well so far. We meet every Saturday from 9:15-5:00. We also meet during the evening on most week days. This year’s game seems to be very challenging in comparison to the other years. Both alliances are separated completely on opposite sides of the field, whereas in other years alliances interacted much more with physical contact. But challenges are great. All of the students on the team are learning how to tackle and solve big engineering problems. Every week we get accomplish goals, for which we are all very thankful.
– Noah Taylor, Mechanical Team

Overview of Competitions:

March 5-7
East Kentwood High School

“The competition at East Kentwood High School started off slowly for us. We had technical issues left and right but we overcame by extraordinary team effort! When it became time for alliance selection, the #1 seeded team chose us to join their alliance! AND WE WON!!! Great job, team!!!” – Nathan Parker, Team member.

March 12-14
Gull Lake High School

At the end of the Gull Lake competition, we were ranked 15th out of 40 teams, chosen to be a part of the #3 alliance, took 5th overall among the final alliances!

April 8-11 – State Championship
DeltaPlex Arena & Conference Center

We had an exciting time this weekend at the Michigan FIRST Robotics State Championship. We had the honor of being able to attend this competition, where we were able to work with the best robotics teams in the state, while also meeting some of our wonderful sponsors. In addition to ranking in 73rd place out of 102 teams, ID Robotics students were able to meet Governor Snyder, Fred Upton, and the founder of FIRST, Dean Kamen. We want to give a huge thanks to all of our sponsors, mentors, parents, and supporters who have helped us accomplish this!

You can learn more at USFIRST.org


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